miercuri, 2 martie 2016

Tao of BadAss Book by Joshua Pellicer: Some Cool Teachings and Findings About His System

These are some findings and teachings from Tao of BadAss Book by Joshua Pellicer. In this chapter, you will find about the learning system that I will believe you all need to know to have success with women from before meeting someone and ending with advice on how to develop any type of report you want with a girl. The Secret is psychology and 99.99% of world people don't even know exists.

It took me a long time and it's time for you to find out too, and when I started studying what I got today. This information was difficult to obtain and I had to work a lot. What I'm about to read - the plan called engagement - it is the most accurate and complete version of the information I studied. Such interaction map is a road map. When use a road map? Using a road map if you want to go somewhere and not know how to get there. See it drew once and for instructions guide, then check it periodically when you are traveling to make sure you're on the road.

If lost, then open again the roadmap and understand how to get back on track. Instead of giving directions to a location, map interaction describes how to maneuver in social settings. It will take a while 'to learn to control as a result - or "Calibration" - in a way that you can do something we'll talk later called "seeing the matrix", but a valuable skill to have.

Map consists of four phases of interaction: attraction, secret psychology is 99.99% of world people even know exists. rapport, the seduction and the balanced relationship. People of course, go through these steps all over the world. Although, of course, when you meet a guy you jump on seduction!).

You can skip any step that you want, but on your treat. Fortunately, the consequences are predictable. If you skip the step of Attraction, you fall into the category of a friend. If you miss the passage of the rapport you'll meet a lot of resistance, and any relationship slowly develop suffering from confidence issues. If you ignore phase of seduction, she will probably find passion relationships, and, finally, if you skip the phase relationship balance, always will bounce from the front to the back for good. If you not use these techniques, then you can go on sites like match.com, or dating.com, but I am sure that you want to get the woman of your dreams by yourself :)

Once you have an understanding of how the system works works, however, it is possible to voluntarily dismiss some of the most rules because you have the skills to bring the You must resolve the problems occurred. To be Badass means that women know that you can screw evil and still have the power to remedy the situation.